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Sample modules Spec

Examples for elective modules in the "Specialization Area"

Some elective modules in the “Specialization Area” are:

  • Biology/Life Sciences: Biophysical Chemistry; Computational Physics Seminar on Analyzing Biomedical Signals; Evolutionare Genomik; Modellierung und Simulation biologischer Systeme; Physics in Medicine: Fundamentals of Analyzing Biomedical Signals; Physics in Medicine: Fundamentals of Medical Imaging; Plant Biogeography and Conservation (incl. GIS); Proteomics; Theoretical Neuroscience; Theoretical Biology.
  • Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry I; Quantum Chemistry II; Theoretical Methods for Condensed Matter; Molecular Dynamics of Time-Dependent Phenomena;
  • Molecular Biomedicine: Immunobiology: from molecules to integrative systems; Systems Immunology, Bioinformatics and Big Data Science.
  • Physics: Theoretical Astrophysics; Advanced Quantum Theory; Theoretical Particle Physics; Theoretical Hadron Physics; Quantum Field Theory; Effective Field Theory; Supersymmetry.

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